Jeypore Portfolio of Architectural Details by Samuel Swinton jacob
Edition: Reprint
ISBN-13: 9788192450261, 978-81-924502-6-1
Format: hardcover
Bibliography: xix+174p.
Year: 2017
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Volume 1
Part 1: Copings and Plinths
Part 2: Pillars — Caps and Bases

Contents —
A Fusion of East and West— Samuel
Swinton Jacob and the Indo-Saracenic Style
by Peter Moss

This monumental work was originally published from 1890 to 1913 in twelve volumes. Studio Orientalia is publishing a new edition in six volumes each comprising two volumes of the first edition. This first volume includes an introductory essay by Peter Moss which contextualizes the works history of origins.
Volumes 2 - 6 are in preparation and will be published in sequence.
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Volumes Information :

Vol. I: part 1 Copings and Plinths & part 2 Pillars - Caps and Bases;
Vol. II: part 3 Carved Doors & part 4 Brackets;
Vol. III: part 5 Arches & part 6 Balustrades;
Vol. IV: part 7 String and Band Patterns & part 8 Wall and Surface Decorations;
Vol. V: part 9 Dados & part 10 Parapets and Friezes;
Vol. VI: part 11 Chatris and Domed Roofs & part 12 Jharokas or Balcony Windows.

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