About Us

Studio Orientalia is a publishing programme (not a company), operated by Biblia Impex, New Delhi and G&L Scientific Booksellers, Glienicke (Berlin). Both firms are long established library supplies, booksellers and publishers.

Studio's owners have always been fascinated by the early (17th to 19th century) visualization of non occidental landscapes, cities, buildings and people.

Many of these aquatints, prints or lithographies are of unmatched beauty and give us an idea of the depicted when it was untainted by the uniformity of global industrialized modernity. Not to mention the courage of the artists in those times, who took to the dangers and hardships of many years of traveling to produce such masterpieces.

Studio Orientalia devotes predominantly to material originally published in form of books and large format albums. Getting access to these volumes is not easy as the works are rare and precious. SO's owners use their private collections but also collaborate with Museums and Libraries throughout the world.

Our editions are printed in India based on latest rare book scanner technology in Berlin. The print runs are small and we use only high quality material for our books. We are not in mass market production and aim to please the eye of our cultivated customers.

Studio Orientalia will realize about ten projects per year. Suggestions for suitable titles or editorship are welcome.

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